Brushmarks + Landmarks

In case you hadn’t noticed I’m kind of obsessed with our National Parks.

It all started with my first camping trip to Yosemite. Where my dad taught me how to fish and feed deer out of my hand. I grew up outdoors and today it’s my inspiration.

Photo: Fishing in Yosemite national park 1983

Thirty-some odd years later, before we were married, my husband encouraged me to get back out there. So we set out to see a few big parks and some small ones in between.

We absolutely love discovering new camping spots and hiking trails. If you have recommendations let me know!

Sometime soon, we hope to continue our travel adventures and create more memories. Of course, I'm planning on painting our views along the way.

Photo: hiking in pinnacles national monument 2013

In the meantime...

I've set a goal to paint ALL of our National Parks. It's a big task and I could use some assistance.

Here's how YOU can help!

TAG your National Park shots on Instagram with my hashtag #brushmarkslandmarks

They can be cell phone photos, have people in them, anything goes! But please, keep it family friendly.

If I choose yours, you’ll get a chance to own the original and see it become part of my National Park Collection!

Together, we’ll give back to the land by donating a portion of the print sales to organizations dedicated to preservation.

If you know travelers with photos SHARE my Instagram post with all the details to your stories or in a post. (Make sure to TAG ME or send a screenshot for credit.)

As a thank you, I’ll send you a little gift!

Start Tagging