Meet the artist

Hi there, I'm Jen! I'm a watercolor landscape artist based out of my home state of California. I'm happily married to my best friend of nearly 20 years, Ross. Together, we are raising my two children, Adrien and James. Along with our two rescued furbabies, our cat Geronimo and our Siberian Husky, Caruso. I'm happy to be surrounded by a supportive family who cheer me on and put up with my abundant art supplies.

Let's Be Friends!

My Background

I was the girl who doodled on all my schoolwork while studying graphic design and image editing in school. Eventually, I stumbled into photography and ran a successful portraiture studio for many years. Later, I pursued graphic design full-time for a custom apparel print shop, igniting my interest in large format printing. When the print shop closed before the pandemic, I decided to tap back into my creative side. I gathered supplies and began to paint every day to build my skills. Recently, I expanded my studio to house my print shop where I print all of your orders.

My Inspiration

My inspiration comes from my father, James L. Herman (11/11/36 - 02/01/05), a watercolor artist from St. Paul, MN. He attended California College of the Arts in Oakland, CA, under the instruction of the renowned Richard Diebenkorn. I was fortunate to have grown up watching my dad work in his home studio. He encouraged me to view the world with an artistic eye. Which I take to heart and practice with everything I try. Including watercolors, which I'll admit have always intimidated me. As I never thought I could ever live up to the talent that my father possessed. By conquering my fears, I managed to ignite a newfound obsession and, with your support, have managed to turn it into a full-time job!