Mentorship Programs

One-On-One Coaching


One of my main goals is to inspire artists like yourself and support you by providing all the knowledge I've learned on my art journey, which is now an overflowing archive of info. It certainly didn't come easy for me. So I'd like to assist you in any way that I can by skipping to the good parts.

Perhaps you need advice, or you have questions regarding specific topics such as:


  • Taking your art to the next level
  • How to start your online art website
  • Preparing your art for printing
  • Printing your artwork
  • Building a brand for yourself


I'm here to help you with this and more! I'll be offering affordable 1hr sessions to discuss your art-related needs individually. Are you ready to schedule a session? BOOK HERE. Have questions about which program will suit your needs best? You can CONTACT me directly.


Join me for an online workshop built to help you find your path as an artist!


Artists Find Your Style Mentorship Workshop

One of the biggest challenges every artist faces is how to find their style. When I started my art journey, I struggled to find my way. But now, through my experiences of building my skills, I'm confident I can teach you how to unlock your potential—no matter what skill level, using your preferred medium. We'll take a deeper look at your process and evaluate your goals. I'll be there to guide you through your progress every step of the way. Not sure if it's right for you? Here's a look at what's in store.


  • Mind over MatterClear your doubts; you ARE an artist.
  • Idols & Inspiration - Discover your creative goals.
  • Make an Effort - It's time for you to grow.
  • Practice Makes Progress - Curated projects to help build your skill.
  • Constructive GrowthOne-on-one reviews and critiques. 
  • Confidence is Key - Take notice of your strengths.
  • Build your BrandGaining a faithful following of collectors.
  • Inspire Others - Share your art journey.


As of now, I’m still working out all the details and lesson plans. My goal is to have a multi-lesson course in place for the summer of ‘22. Sign up below to receive more information as it becomes available.

If you have questions or ideas you'd like included in the lesson plan for the Finding Your Style Mentorship Program, feel free to CONTACT me directly.